Podcast interview with Artist Mark McDonnell

Mac, as he is known to his friends, has worked as a Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, Character Designer and Look Developer. Currently he is an instructor with the Walt Disney Company. He has been involved with projects for Walt Disney Features, Disney Toon Studios, Disney Television Animation Pixar, Miramax, Fox, H.I.T. Entertainment, New line, Mattel, Sony Pictures, Legendary Pictures,... The list goes on for days.

Mac's new book, The Art And Feel Of Making It Real is geared to assist not just those wishing to enter the entertainment and animation industry, but to all visual & graphic artists wishing to breath life into their drawing.

Revealed are some of the treasured techniques and trade secrets that, before this book, have been available only to those on the inside. We hope you enjoy this podcast, and ask that you please visit Macs website, http://www.cre8tivemarks.com/ and pick up a copy of his new book.

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First VSS podcast interview David Colman

Exclusive podcast interview with David Colman

Emmy Award Winning Artist David Colman shares with our audience his experience in getting started in the field  of character design. His talents have garnered him an Emmy  for his work on Cartoon Networks Class Of 3000. David has worked with many major players in the film industry, namely Sony pictures, Fox, and Disney.  With growing recognition in the animation industry, David loves giving back to those anxious to break into the business. His book The Art Of Character Design, provides an amazing  wealth of inspiration and direction in  character design.
We hope that you enjoy Our exclusive interview with David and invite you to visit his web site; Davidsdoodles.com